New questions instead of old answers

We are convinced that blue-print solutions hardly ever work. In the long run, only jointly developed, tailor-made solutions prove effective and sustainable. Therefore, we will not confront you with answers first, but with new questions to old answers.

Change Management – with Impact

We support you in initiating and implementing the change you want. In doing so, our objectives are clear: Your customers should receive a better service. Your employees should be able to work more efficiently and joyfully. And your organisation should be strengthened in its ability to steer and renew itself.


What our customers say

“When an organisation is plunged into a crisis, you have to bring in the experts. ImpactLinx has them. With their expertise and sensitivity they were able to bring about a profound change in our organization.

Beat Dietschy


“Change requires trust. With ImpactLinx at our side, we ventured into new territory. We took bold decisions – decisions that stand the test to this day!”

Thomas Gass

Schweizerisches Rotes Kreuz

“ImpactLinx has enabled us to see our organisation and its environment in a new light, to ask new questions, to explore new avenues. Innovation in the best sense.”

Barbara Burri