Building capacity

You want your organisation to change? We help you to design and implement a tailor-made, effective change process. In doing so, we pursue three clear objectives: At the end of the process…

  • your customers shall receive a better service or product
  • your staff members shall be enabled to work efficiently and with joy
  • your organisation shall be strengthened in its ability to adapt and renew itself

For us, organisational development is never an internal, inward-looking process. On the contrary: Questions such as “How do we remain relevant? What do our customers want? What are the opportunities and risks in the market?” must be at the core of every organisational change project.

Using Design Thinking methods we help your organisation to adopt an outside-in perspective. In our view, focussing on the interplay between the organisation and its context is crucial for enhancing an organisation’s relevance and value-offering to its customers and stakeholders.

Building Ownership

Reforms are only sustainable if they are driven by the organisation itself.

We therefore see staff and management as co-authors of every organisational reform that is implemented.

We support you in designing the solution by contributing technical & methodological expertise – and by asking surprising questions and offering new perspectives. And you remain in the driving seat and control the process.

Our goal is not just to bring expert knowledge into the organisation, but to strengthen your organisation’s own change management capacities.

Being aware that organisational changes may lead to tensions or cause resistance, we tackle these issues in a straightforward and proficient manner. In close coordination with our customers, we address arising questions on leadership, expectations and fears, professional behaviour, conflict management etc. Find out more on our work in the field of mediation and conflict coaching.

Agility & New Work

Buzzwords – yes. But also concepts that can boost the development of your organisation. In all that management slang and hype, we help you to discover what is really useful – and to put it into practice.

For us, agility means co-creating solutions with your customer, testing prototypes as quickly as possible and making improvements in short development cycles.

It is clear that such a way of working requires new forms of leadership and organisation. Companies with fixed, steep structures and hierarchical corporate cultures are less and less able to survive in the market, to innovate and to attract talent. “New Work” has become a must.

Together with you, we will find ways how your company can adopt new, more agile forms of collaboration.

How can we support you?

Let’s talk.

What You can expect from us

Our Services

  • Design, facilitation and management of change processes
  • Advisory services to and coaching of managers
  • Methodological and thematic inputs
  • Design and implementation of workshops, trainings
  • Execution of analyses, surveys, desk studies

We offer…

  • Expertise in organisational development
  • Extensive experience in the practical implementation of change processes
  • vast management experience in international contexts
  • first-hand experience in working in complex organisations and networks
  • Sector knowledge from various industries
  • Expertise in mediation and conflict management