Mediation offers you the chance to break out of conflicts. In an open dialogue with the other parties involved, you will find ways to improve the situation for yourself and overcome the conflict.

We support you in this: as a neutral moderator, we lead discussions and create a framework in which even difficult issues can be discussed openly.

And we make sure that your concerns, interests and fears are heard.

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One-to-one Coaching

As a person involved in or affected by a conflict, there often seems to be no way out.

As coach, we support you in one-to-one sessions and help you finding ways out of the deadlock.

In these sessions, you decide what you would like to focus on. No matter whether you would like to discuss how to deal with an acute conflict or to analyse a long-lasting tension within a team or relationship – we will help you to gain new insights and to identify new options.

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Conflict Management in Organisations

In professional life, dealing with conflicts is undoubtedly one of the greatest challenges you are regularly faced with.

With tailor-made training modules we enable managers and staff members to enhance their own conflict management skills.

In addition, we support organisations in the design and implementation of conflict prevention measures and the introduction of corporate conflict management systems.

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What You Can Expect from Us

What You get

We help you to overcome conflicts – at work, in the neighbourhood, in the family or your personal environment. We support you in conflicts between…

  • Professional colleagues, teammates
  • Groups, teams, departments
  • Supervisors and employees
  • Non-executive board and executive management
  • Clients and contractors
  • Tenants and landlords
  • Neighbours
  • Friends and family

why ImpactLinx?

  • Expertise in mediation, certified mediators
  • Co-mediation by a f/m-mixed mediators’ teams
  • Experience in working on conflicts both in small, local settings (neighbourhoods, grassroots organisations, etc.) and in large, complex organisations
  • Expertise in team development, organisational development, coaching and change management
  • Operational experience in international settings and conflict areas