Appeal to future customers – how?

You are looking for experts for challenging strategy projects. We help you to find out what your target group really wants and how you can inspire them with innovative solutions. Are you about to…

  • develop a new strategy for your company, your team?
  • review an existing strategy and test its future-readiness?
  • develop ideas for new/different products, services, business areas?
  • create a reliable basis for making a strategic decision?
  • conduct a stress test to uncover vulnerabilities in your organisation?

Fancy yet another SWOT analysis?

Have you had enough of the same old strategy methods that don’t bring anything new to light? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Our starting point is a simple but important observation: organisations use strategies to prepare for their future environment; understanding this environment with all its opportunities and risks is therefore a must.

We support you in this: using the scenario method and other innovative foresight tools, we help you to establish an in-depth understanding of future market and context conditions – a reliable basis for your strategic decisions.

Jointly with you, we design an effective strategy process, introduce innovative methods and tools, and organise workshops and team events. More importantly, we ask surprising questions, offer new perspectives and provide orientation in the change process.

Scenarios: Ready for the future/s

Despite all the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity: the Oxford Scenario Approach enables you to develop an effective strategy and to take action – even in a VUCA world.

Together with you, we create several scenarios – variants of the environment your company could be confronted with in the future. The different but equally plausible scenarios define a spectrum of “future worlds”.

This creates a reliable foundation to build your strategy on: What opportunities and risks await us and how do we prepare for them? How do we need to be positioned as an organisation in order to meet the future expectations of customers, employees and partners?

By examining the various scenarios, important “aha!” moments arise, new options for action crystallise. Decision-making becomes easier.

Would you like to find out more?

Interested to find out more?

New Perspectives needed?

What you get

You can expect…

  • Expert support in the design and implementation of sophisticated strategy processes
  • Methodological expertise and experience in developing strategies that prove successful even under VUCA conditions
  • Executive coaching and sparring partnership at eye level
  • Effective workshops, training sessions and group events
  • New ideas and insights thanks to innovative methods and multi-disciplinary team
  • Open feedback and an eye-opening outsider’s view

Why ImpactLinx?

  • Extensive experience and in-depth expertise in strategy development and testing
  • Expertise in the Oxford scenario method, broad toolbox of effective methods
  • Multidisciplinary team of experts with different fields of expertise
  • Many years of management experience at C-level in international contexts
  • Expertise in organisational development, change management, coaching and service design
  • Sector knowledge from various industries