Whoever creates a corporate strategy today can only rely on one thing – soon the plans will be overtaken by reality. As a manager, you have to adjust the course of your organisation more and more quickly. It is no longer enough to define new strategic goals every few years. What is needed is strategic management – the ability to skilfully navigate in troubled waters.

ImpactLinx supports you in this with methods that are not only geared to make your organisation more successful, but to strengthen its entrepreneurial resilience and agility.


By this we mean the ability of your company, non-profit organisation or government agency to deal with surprises, shocks and uncertainty – and to remain in the driving seat.

And this is exactly what we are all about: We use Design Thinking methods and systemic process consulting to strengthen your organisation’s ability to adapt to new realities with foresight and to react effectively to the unforeseen.

Scenarios Approach

Today, many organisations have to cope with contexts characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambivalence. Oxford University’s Scenarios Planning Approach is ideally suited to deal with these challenges.

In a iterative, collaborative process we create several scenarios – variations of the environment your company will likely be confronted with in the future.

The distinct, but equally plausible scenarios open up a spectrum of different “futures” your organisation could be plunged into.

By examining the different scenarios you will gain important insights that will facilitate not only the development of new, innovative strategic options but also your decision-making.

How can we support you in your change project?

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What you can expect from us

Our Services

  • Design, facilitation and management of the entire strategy process
  • Methodological and thematic support, inputs and advisory services
  • Advisory services to and coaching of executives and non-executives
  • Design and implementation of workshops, trainings etc.
  • Stress testing of existing strategies or plans
  • Design and implementation of empirical surveys, interviews and desk studies

We offer…

  • Extensive practical experience in strategy development
  • Expertise in Oxford Scenarios Planning Approach
  • Practical management experience on C level in international contexts
  • Expertise in organisational development and change management
  • Sector knowledge from various industries