Interim Management

Normally, organisations are able to absorb peak loads with their existing manpower. Sometimes, however, even the best-prepared organisation’s coping capacities get overstretched – outside support becomes necessary.

As interim managers we swing into action when you call us. We assume the role you assign to us, be it the management of a project, a team or an entire organisation. Our deployment is limited in time and scope and geared to achieving the goals you set.

We are at your disposal within a few days or weeks – no matter whether you task us with the implementation of a small project or a comprehensive turn-around programme for of an entire organisation.

Crisis Management

Is your organisation in turmoil or even in a crisis? Or is there a need for urgent organisational action?

If you are faced with such a challenge, we are ready to assist you as crisis managers. In two different ways: Either, we assume operational duties on your behalf. Or we support you by providing coaching and consulting services while all operational responsibilities remain with you.

In doing so, we can draw on years of experience in crisis management and working in crisis and conflict contexts.

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What you can expect from us

Our Services

  • Immediate deployments as interim & crisis manager
  • Temporary management of projects, teams or organisations
  • Design and implementation of crisis interventions and urgent reform projects
  • Coaching & consultancy services to executives
  • Design and implementation of long-term reform processes

We offer…

  • Extensive management experience as executive and non-executive director
  • First-hand experience in managing company-wide crises
  • Expertise in organisational development and change management
  • Expertise in mediation and conflict management
  • Experience in working in challenging contexts such as conflict zones